One of the leading values of Panda Home Ltd (the Panda company) is transparency. This is why we present to you the terms and conditions of purchases on our website www.pandazzz.co.il. It is important to read carefully the terms and conditions on this page.

Your rights in brief

According to the consumer protection laws, you may cancel the transaction up to 48 hours from the time of purchase for a full refund.

We believe in our Panda mattress, and therefore we give you 100 days to try it at your home for your evaluation. If you are not satisfied or if you regret the purchase, you can change your mind within 100 days. We will pick up the mattress at no cost to you and you will receive a full refund.

We give you a 12-year warranty on the mattress core, that is, the inside of the mattress. For more information about this, read the Warranty section on this page.

Please note, the above is a summary of your rights and it does not replace the statements on this page.

1 – Website

1.1 – Our website www.pandazzz.co.il is the official website of the Panda Home Ltd and you are invited to use it subject to your consent to the terms of use which are stated below.

1.2 – In addition, the use of this site and its contents and the services offered on it may change from time to time. We reserve our right to update or change the terms of use of the site without prior notice or a particular notification in the site’s various channels.

2 – Copyrights

2.1 – all the trademarks, service marks and trade names (hereinafter together: the "Marks") that are displayed on this site belong to Panda Home Ltd. It is not permitted to present or duplicate the Marks in any form with Panda Home Ltd’s prior consent in writing, and you may not remove or alter in any way any notifications about Marks from any of the content offered on or received through the website.

2.2 – The website, and all the information in it, including the site’s design, code, media files, including their design, videos, images, texts, files offered for download and any other subject matter presented in the website fully belong to this website and exclusively constitute Panda Home Ltd’s intellectual property and no use shall be made of them without our prior consent in writing.

2.3 – Furthermore, it is prohibited to distribute, copy, duplicate, publish, emulate or process any pieces of code, design, video, trademarks or any other media and content without Panda Home Ltd’s prior consent in writing.

3.1 – Content and Availability

3.1 – we strive to present to you the information on the website without disruption. However, due to technical considerations or incidents by third parties or others, the availability of the website may be impacted. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the site will be available at all times, and no monetary or other compensation will be given due to service unavailability.

3.2 – Links to external sites do not imply that they are safe, high-quality or reliable. Your visit of these sites is made on your own accord only and are exclusively within the website user’s boundary of liability.

3.3 – The contents offered on the website are solely owned by Panda Home Ltd and no use shall be made of them in contravention of the stated in these rules except where provided otherwise or where it is noted that the copyrights belong to an external party. In these cases, the terms of use should be viewed using the attached link and they should be followed according to the statements in the external website of the party who owns the contents.

3.4 – The website’s administrator reserves the right to block a user who breaches the terms of use of the website as stated here.

4 – Disclosure

4.1 – This site may use cookie files and internal statistical interface to retain anonymous statistical record of users and traffic, habits of use, click analysis and length of stay.

4,2 – In all times, the information retained is completely anonymous and does not contain the user’s name or any other identifying information, except for information provided by users.

5 – Purchase

5.1 – A purchase on the website www.pandazzz.co.il confirms the buyer’s consent to the terms and conditions on this page or elsewhere on the site and they are legally binding. Your purchase is your confirmation of your contract with Panda Home Ltd.

5.2 – the prices of items will be displayed on the product’s page. You may pay for our products by credit card only. No payment in cash is possible. The prices on the website are in Israeli shekels (ILS) and include Value Added Tax.

5.3 – The website does not keep customers’ credit information. We will not transfer customer information to third parties. The details of the purchase, without the credit information, are kept on the system to carry out the required actions.

6 – Orders 

6.1 – Before you confirm the order, make sure that you entered your information correctly. It will not possible to change the information after the order is made.

6.2 – Following your payment’s confirmation, you will receive a confirmation notification in the email address that you entered. This confirmation constitute receipt of the payment but does not confirm that your order has been received. It can be that Panda cannot fulfill your order because items are out of stock, or that we have not received a confirmation of payment, or that by law, we must not have a commercial relationship [Hebrew wording is unclear].

6.3 – After we confirm the order, you will get another email notification that confirms the order, and we will deliver the product to you.

7 – Delivery

7.1  – Product delivery is made at no extra charge to all parts of the country within the Green Line.

 7.2 – Delivery is made by an independent shipper and not by Panda. Therefore, Panda is not liable for delays in delivery.

7.3 – Panda performs deliveries through an external company. The external company does not always call to set a time for delivery. If delivery is made when no one is at home, the product may be left outside the door, given your consent. Panda will be liable for the product.

7.4 – The product you ordered will be delivered to you within 5 business days*, excluding exceptional locations. As stated, because deliveries are carried out by an independent shipper, there may be delays outside Panda’s control, such as addressee-related problem (addressee refusing to accept the delivery), force majeure, blockade, demonstrations and such.

Panda takes all measures to ensure that delivery is performed as soon as possible.

7.5 – An adult, preferably the person who ordered the product, should be present to accept the product and to sign a confirmation of its receipt. The signature constitutes a confirmation of receipt. Once the product is received, it is no longer under Panda’s responsibility but yours.

7.6 – If you request that the mattress be moved to any other place at home, Panda will not be liable to any damage that may be caused to the house or to furniture due to such move inside the home.

8 – Cancellation

8.1 – you have the right to cancel the purchase of mattresses within 100 days of receiving the product. Pillows and toppers may be cancelled within 30 days of their receipt. For more information, see our Return Policy.

8.2 – You must notify is of a cancelled purchase by phone, Facebook or a WhatsApp message.

8.3 – Panda reserves the right to request proof from you that the mattress you bought has not been damaged.

8.4 – If no damage is found in the product, we undertake to refund you in full within several days and without unnecessary delays. The refund will be made in the same form of payment with which you bought the product.

9 – Defective Products

9.1 – We will do our utmost that products reach free of defects. If you find a flaw, contact us and we will check if the product is in need of repair or replacement.

10 – Warranty

10.1 – the 12-year warranty only applies to Panda mattresses, For information, visit the Warranty page.

10.2 – We undertake to repair or replace a defective mattress under the warranty, if the following conditions are met:

  • The mattress was handled reasonably.
  • The mattress displays  normal wear and tear.
  • The mattress was not subject to an incident or misuse.
  • The mattress is not soiled or unclean.
  • The inside of the mattress is not damaged.
  • No attempt was made to repair the mattress.

10.3 – Please contact us immediately when you discover the defect. If you contact us after more than 30 days  from discovering the defect, we will not be able to repair or replace the mattress.

10.4 – We reserve the right to request photos from you that show the defects. These photos will help us decide if the mattress meets the terms of the warranty. If you do not provide the photos to us, repair or replacement of the mattress may be delayed or even prevented.

11 – Disputes and Jurisdiction

11.1 – We will do everything possible to provide you with quality products quickly and efficiently. If we still have disagreement, we will try to resolve it quickly and efficiently to the satisfaction of both you and us. If the dispute is unresolved, jurisdiction will be under Israeli law, at Israeli courts only.

We will appreciate if you contact us when and if you are not satisfied from our products or service or in everything other matter related to Panda products.