100 Nights to Try – on us!

It takes time to get used to any change in life, including a new mattress

In 100 nights you can plan a wedding, complete a trimester in college, get into shape, circle the world, hatch an idea for a startup company, feel at home at work, fall in love, study a language, lose weight, take a photography class, give birth and get pregnant again, find an apartment in the big city, become began and try out a Panda mattress in every way possible.

As avowed sleep lovers, and out of understanding that our quality of life is affected by the quality of our sleep, we know that choosing a mattress is a serious decision. This choice is not made overnight. Sleep studies discovered that our body needs 30 to 45 days to get used to a new mattress.

 We didn’t take chances when we decided to go beyond convention and give our customers 100 nights to sleep on it thoroughly, as it should be.

If you’re one of these people who know love at first sight when it comes your way or if you are cautious and wants to make sure 100% that it is the one, you will see why it’s important for us to give you enough time to decide that Panda is the right choice for you, unqualified and without any fine print.

Now, if you slept on it and didn’t like it enough, it’s fine. Call us and we’ll come and pick it up ☺

1. Have your order number ready and call us at [phone number] or write us on Facebook.

2. We will credit you right away with the full transaction amount. You should see the credit in your account within 14 days (the time it takes the credit card company to process the chargeback).

3. We will schedule a day and time for the mattress’s pickup.
Simple. Convenient. Painless