About PandaZzz

At PandaZzz, sleep engineering is in our DNA. The collaborative vision of scientists, engineers, and sleep product specialists, Panda products represent the pinnacle of sustainable memory foam production and human-centered mattress and accessory design.

You are at the very core of our vision. It’s our most heartfelt dream at PandaZzz to make sleeping easier and healthier without unreasonable expense. Thanks to technological advancements, it’s now possible to replicate the quality of last decade’s top-tier memory foam in today’s entry-level mattresses.

PandaZzz is simple without all the bells and whistles. We’ve got it covered where it matters — material, quality, sustainability, and certifications.

Toxic materials cancel out the health benefits of a new mattress. With next-generation, CertiPUR-US® certified foam and OEKO-TEX® certified sustainable fabric covers, PandaZzz mattresses come with big-ticket certifications without the dent to your wallet.

The PandaZzz Story

Research and development is the backbone of PandaZzz. To find the perfect balance of softness and support, we slept on our own mattresses countless nights and paid volunteers with insomnia and other sleep issues for their opinions.

It all started with a faulty mattress. Having slept on a conventional innerspring mattress for around five years, every night started becoming a nightmare for one of our founders when an internal spring component wore out prematurely.

Coming at a considerable cost, upgrading to a memory foam mattress delivered marked improvements. Memory foam prices have naturally dropped over the intervening years — but not enough to suit our perfectionism.

We set out to make a mattress just as good as the most expensive memory-foam-in-a-box on the internet but for a fraction of the cost. Along the way, we’ve also innovated the world’s best specialty pillows and accessories.

The resulting product line pushes the limits of both memory foam engineering and sustainable affordability. Experience PandaZzz risk-free for 100 nights.