Top 5 Most Impressive Benefits of the Panda Lavender Pillow

Memory foam is a remarkably versatile material. Not only can it be sculpted in any shape or size, but its very chemical makeup can be augmented to accomplish various objectives.

If you want to make memory foam cooling, infuse it with copper. If you want to keep your memory foam hypoallergenic, infuse it with charcoal. Or, if you want to infuse the soporific power of lavender into memory foam, fuse it with lavender essential oil.

Having recently tried the Panda Lavender Pillow for myself, I’ve experienced the benefits of this innovative pillow firsthand. As Panda’s blog writer, here are the five best benefits of the Panda Lavender Pillow I discovered along with my overall review of the pillow.

What is the Panda Lavender Pillow?

The Panda Lavender Pillow is a small-to-medium full-size pillow. It fit inside my pillowcase just fine, and it’s a little bit on the thin side.

To let people know it contains lavender, Panda made its Lavender Pillow purple. Lavender essential oil itself is pale yellow; this attractive hue isn’t the result of the lavender infusion itself.

The Panda Lavender pillow is ventilated, and it smells strongly of lavender. It’s a comforting pillow to keep on your bed for nights when sleep is a little hard to come by.

5 Top Benefits of Sleeping on the Panda Lavender Pillow

Why is the Panda Lavender Pillow a valuable addition to any bedroom? While trying this pillow out for myself, I noticed five benefits that conveyed the value of this trend-setting pillow the best:

1. Lavender has been researched for its sleep-improving qualities

Lavender essential oil is a combination of a handful of different compounds including the terpene linalool. The overall neurological effects of lavender have been well-researched, and a 2013 review of the evidence published in the journal Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine reported that “lavender odor… improved the mean scores of sleep quality.”

In a 2017 clinical study published in the same journal, researchers found that the lavender constituent linalool and certain other terpenes present in essential oils “promote sleep by heightening parasympathetic activity.”

We’ve only scratched the surface of the available evidence on lavender and sleep. Suffice to say that the benefits of aromatherapy, and in particular lavender aromatherapy, have proven to be very hot topics in the arena of alternative medicine throughout the last decade.

2. The Panda Lavender Pillow is infused with lavender essential oil

Based on existing research, inhaling lavender might be incredibly beneficial for sleep. Coming up with ways to inhale lavender essential oil in bed, however, is harder than you’d expect.

Aromatherapy diffusers are hard to get near your face, and they’re tricky to operate. Small, decorative pillows infused with lavender essential oil have long been the standby, but they’re hard to keep track of, and they become less aromatic over time.

The Panda Lavender Pillow is infused with lavender in its very essence. It’s the shape and size of a normal pillow, so you can sleep on it comfortably.

As your head settles into your Panda Lavender Pillow, the pleasant, soothing aroma of lavender will exude out of the compressed memory foam and envelop your head. That’s the experience I enjoyed the moment my Panda Lavender Pillow was clean, cased, and ready to go.

3. Ample ventilation holes keep the Panda Lavender Pillow cool

The Panda Lavender Pillow is equipped with regular holes across its surface. These holes keep the memory foam ventilated and allow air to move past your head.

As a result, this pillow naturally keeps your head cool while you sleep. Research indicates that excessively high temperatures can prevent healthy sleep, so this cooling feature pairs nicely with lavender’s aromatherapeutic benefits.

Laid upon the Panda Lavender Pillow, my head felt like it was floating within a cloud of diffused lavender essential oil. I felt perfectly cool all night, and a pleasant aroma seemed to follow me the next day.

4. The Panda Lavender Pillow keeps you safe with certified materials

I’m picky about what I allow into my bedroom. That’s why I’m so pleased the Panda Lavender comes with OEKO-TEX® and CertiPUR-US® certifications.

The outer cover of the pillow is certified by OEKO-TEX®, the world’s foremost authority on sustainable, fair, textile production. CertiPUR-US® provides oversight over the materials, including memory foam, that make their way into American mattresses and pillows.

Together, these two certifications provide me with all the assurance I need that my Panda Lavender Pillow is safe to sleep on. Out of an overabundance of caution, I washed my pillow’s cover before sleeping on it, and I aired out the memory foam core for 24 hours.

5. Lavender has impressive antimicrobial properties

Keeping pillows clean can seem like a hopeless battle. All the authorities agree that even the best pillows only last around two years.

The lifespan of your pillow dramatically extends, however, if it contains substances that kill microbes naturally. In a 2018 study published in the journal Nanomaterials, new materials containing lavender components were shown to have antimicrobial properties.

This means lavender kills dust mites, bacteria, and other microscopic organisms that typically love to live in pillows. The presence of lavender in the Panda Lavender Pillow naturally extends the lifetime of its memory foam core.

Panda Lavender Pillow review

Over the course of the last week, I’ve gotten to know the Panda Lavender Pillow. It’s unlikely that another pillow will ever dethrone the Panda Hybrid as my mainstay, but I’ve still been captivated by the impressive benefits and unique uses of the Panda Lavender Pillow.

Initial impressions

I could smell the Panda Lavender Pillow the moment I removed it from its protective plastic seal. Wanting to hug it right away, I decided that washing and airing out the Panda Lavender Pillow was the more prudent course of action.

The following night, I tried the Panda Lavender Pillow for the first time. Sliding the lavender-infused memory foam core back into its machine-washed and air-dried cover, I slapped a pillowcase on it and put it in my bed.

Night 1

Almost immediately, I could tell that the Panda Lavender Pillow wouldn’t be quite thick enough for me to sleep on alone. I like my pillows to be reasonably thick even though I’m trying to wean myself down to a lower neck angle.

In combination with the Panda Charcoal Pillow, however, the Panda Lavender Pillow was raised up enough to be supremely comfortable. I liked the idea of my lavender and charcoal pillows working together to blast microbes.

Night 7

After a week of using the Panda Lavender Pillow, I’ve found that it has an enduring place in my bed. It helps me unwind when I sleep on it directly, and it makes my whole bed smell good when it’s next to my head.

Best uses

Here are the top uses I came up with for the Panda Lavender Pillow:

  • Keep it on standby for bouts of insomnia
  • Double-stack it with the Panda Charcoal Pillow for extra antimicrobial power
  • Make it your main pillow if you habitually have trouble sleeping

Overall score

All things considered, I give the Panda Lavender Pillow an overall score of 4.9 out of 5. The benefits of lavender are undeniable, and Panda pillows are of equally indisputable quality.

For a fan of thick pillows, the Panda Lavender Pillow is a little too thin as a mainstay. Combined with other pillows or switched out when needed, however, the Panda Lavender Pillow is remarkably useful and easy to keep clean.

Thickness: 4.6/5

Comfort: 4.9/5

Benefits: 5

Quality: 5

Washability: 5

Overall score: 4.9/5