Panda Classic Queen Mattress After 30 Days—Detailed Review

Late this October, I received a Panda Classic Queen Mattress in the middle of a snowstorm. I unboxed it immediately, and I instantly fell in love with this high-quality, contemporary memory-foam mattress.

More than 30 days later, the Panda Classic Queen Mattress has become such an integral part of my life that I almost forget it’s there. Looking back, however, I certainly feel better every morning, my sleep has improved, and my physique has even changed.

My experience with the Panda Classic Queen Mattress

I’ve already provided detailed reviews that cover my initial experience with the Panda Classic Queen Mattress and my experience after one week. Let’s briefly summarize the feedback I’ve provided up until this point:

  • The Panda Classic Queen Mattress delivered quickly, and it was easy to unbox
  • Left in the cold garage, my mattress took around 18 hours to fully decompress
  • I placed a hypoallergenic cover on my mattress
  • I experienced rejuvenating effects from the very first night that persisted throughout the week
  • I also fully enjoyed the Panda Hybrid Pillow I received
  • The only drawbacks I identified were the significant softness of my mattress and its lack of a hypoallergenic layer, which the Panda Premium mattress offers

Week-by-week review

Now that it’s been more than four weeks since I first slept on my Panda Classic Queen Mattress, I’ll provide a week-by-week review of my experience as time has elapsed:

Week 1

From the first night of sleeping on my Panda Classic Queen Mattress, I could tell that my nightly routine was about to drastically change. A week into my Panda Classic experience, I was waking up each morning feeling increasingly rejuvenated and energized, and I started noticing a sense of deep muscle relaxation every morning when I woke up.

Week 2

After sleeping on my Panda Classic for two weeks, my new mattress simply became an accepted part of my daily life. I didn’t develop any aches or pains over time, which can be a sign that a mattress is too soft. Instead, I started taking the feeling of being rejuvenated and energized every morning for granted.

Week 3

Three weeks was long enough to determine if my Panda Classic mattress was going to become softer or firmer over time. With cheaper foam mattresses, changes in foam composition can occur.

Even after sleeping on my Panda mattress for 21 successive nights, however, it felt just the same as the first night. I always sleep on the same spot, but there were no noticeable indentations.

Week 4

After four weeks, I was able to definitively confirm that my Panda Classic Queen Mattress is high-quality and provides an excellent sleeping environment. I have not developed any aches and pains from sleeping on my new mattress. On the contrary, many of my existing aches have disappeared.

While this is entirely a subjective impression, I get the feeling that the overall health and integrity of my musculoskeletal system has improved from sleeping on the Panda Classic. It’s a difficult sensation to articulate, but my body feels “better put-together.”

At least in part, I credit the increased energy I derive from sleeping on the Panda Classic with my recent resurgence of interest in physical fitness. I have lost weight while gaining muscle mass. It’s possible that the deep, rejuvenative rest I experience on my Panda Classic has also helped my body develop muscle while sleeping.

How has my Panda Classic mattress held up?

I have not noted any changes in the support, texture, or shape of my Panda Classic Queen Mattress even after sleeping on it for more than 30 days. We’ve changed the sheets multiple times, and my kids have enjoyed jumping, tumbling, and stomping on the mattress to no end.

Most nights, I sleep on one particular spot at the edge of my mattress. That area has not developed any indentations, and it remains as soft and supportive as it was the first night I slept on my Panda Classic.

The areas of my mattress that are slept on and the areas that aren’t feel identical in terms of thickness and texture. After 30 days, I confidently believe that the Panda Classic is made from high-quality materials that are unlikely to break down or change their shape. 

Does the Panda Classic Queen Mattress offgas?

Like any foam mattress, the Panda Classic offgasses for a while after it is removed from its packaging. With one simple trick, however, I have completely eliminated these chemical odors.

To begin with, my Panda Classic Queen Mattress produced a much more subdued chemical aroma than I expected. I certainly noticed a blast of chemicals the moment I cut the mattress open, but after allowing it to sit in my garage overnight, the unpleasant aroma had almost entirely dissipated.

The moment I placed my Panda Classic in my bedroom, I wrapped it up in a fully-sealed hypoallergenic cover. Having kids has taught me that mattresses should be covered on the bottom as well as the top, and my wife and I believe that keeping mattresses fully enclosed also preserves them the best.

With my simple, zippered hypoallergenic mattress cover in place, I haven’t noticed any off-gassing from my mattress whatsoever. Opening the cover a crack, I could detect a hint of chemical aroma flowing out, but it wasn’t anywhere near the blast I was expecting. It’s my impression that the Panda Classic doesn’t offgas very much at all whether it’s covered or not.

My preferred sleeping position after 30 days

Prior to sleeping on my Panda Classic Queen Mattress, I tended to sleep on my stomach more than I should. While some people believe that stomach sleeping is good for you, my experience shows otherwise.

However, I simply wasn’t comfortable sleeping on my side. Then, my Panda Classic arrived.

For the last 30 days, I’ve been sleeping almost entirely on my left side. With the Panda Hybrid Pillow under one cheek, I stay in this position throughout almost the entire night.

On some nights, I sleep on my other side, and I sometimes find myself on my back when I wake up. Without a doubt, however, my Panda Classic has made it more comfortable to sleep on my side, which is, in my opinion, the best way to sleep.

The Panda Classic Queen Mattress and edge support

Edge support is a significant issue within the foam mattress industry. Thinking back, it occurs to me that my old foam mattress (which, if you’ll remember, consisted of a single block of low-quality foam), tended to squish down at the edges.

While I don’t remember ever falling off my old memory-foam mattress, it was certainly uncomfortable sleeping on the edge of that long-gone hunk of foam. Not so with the Panda Classic.

We’ve pushed three beds together in my master bedroom, and my wife, my two young children, and I all sleep next to each other. On most nights, my little girl scoots to the edge of her mattress, which is right next to mine.

As a result, I try to sleep on the opposite side of my bed to avoid disturbing her. On most nights, I sleep right on the edge of my mattress.

However, I’ve found the edge of my mattress to be just as supportive as the center. I don’t know how Panda does it, but I’m fully convinced that the Classic Queen Mattress offers excellent edge support.

The Panda Classic and insomnia

Every once in a while, I have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes, I start sweating while experiencing insomnia, which used to be remarkably uncomfortable.

Sleeping on my Panda Classic for more than 30 days, however, I’ve noticed firsthand how well this mattress moves heat away from my body. Even when I’m in the midst of an insomniac episode, my body doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as it used to.

As a result, I’m able to fall asleep faster and conquer insomnia more easily. I’m especially grateful for this difference between the Panda Classic and my old mattress.

30-day review of the Panda Hybrid Pillow

In my one-week review of the Panda Classic, I also provided a brief overview of my thoughts on the Panda Hybrid Pillow. At the time, I was still switching between the “chunk” side and the “solid” side.

After 30 days, I’ve found that I vastly prefer the solid side of my Hybrid Pillow. Since my body sinks further into my Panda Classic than it did into my old mattress, it’s the only pillow I sleep with, and it remains remarkably comfortable and perfectly supportive.

Overall impression of the Panda Classic Queen Mattress after 30 days

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t expecting to like the Panda Classic as much as I do. I fully believed that I’d find something at fault with my mattress, and I wasn’t sure if I would continue sleeping on it.

After more than 30 nights, however, I’ve found no reason to dislike my Panda Classic Queen Mattress whatsoever. I believe that it has improved my health, and I wake up feeling refreshed every morning. If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality upgrade to either a spring or foam mattress, the Panda Classic is a solid choice.