3 Types of People Who Should Try the Panda Classic Mattress

After more than 30 pleasant nights, I’d say that I’m something of an expert on the Panda Classic Mattress. As I’ve witnessed this high-quality, affordable mattress transform my sleep quality and improve my daytime energy, I’ve developed some opinions regarding who would be best served by the benefits of the Panda Classic.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, a light sleeper, or if you suffer from fatigue or pain, I’m confident that the Panda Classic is right for you. Let’s explore why I’ve chosen these three categories as the best candidates for the Panda Classic Mattress.

Stomach sleepers

You might like sleeping on your stomach. If so, you’ll find that stomach-sleeping on the Panda Classic makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

I’ve found, however, that the Panda Classic gently corrects this sleeping posture. If you’d rather stop sleeping on your stomach, this mattress might be the perfect choice.

What is a stomach sleeper?

A stomach sleeper is someone who spends the majority of most nights sleeping on their stomach. Even if you fall asleep or wake up in a different position, you’re a stomach sleeper if you revert to sleeping on your stomach by default.

Is sleeping on your stomach bad?

Some experts believe that sleeping on your stomach might indicate that you have a defensive or fearful worldview. While there’s no proof this is the case, sleeping in a different position might help you overcome anxiety and build confidence.

The majority of experts conclude that stomach sleeping can lead to neck and back pain. Others contest that, as long as you don’t sleep with a pillow, stomach sleeping might be the healthiest sleeping position. 

What is the healthiest sleeping position?

The established perspective is that sleeping on your left side is the healthiest. Why your left side?

Because sleeping on this side aids digestion. Sleeping on either your right or left side also reduces snoring.

Side-sleeping isn’t without its downsides. It can lead to increased jaw tightness and wrinkles. Since more of your face touches your pillow or mattress when stomach-sleeping, however, common sense dictates that sleeping on your stomach is even worse for your skin.

How do I stop sleeping on my stomach?

Experts suggest a variety of methods you can use to avoid stomach sleeping:

  • Use a cervical pillow
  • Hug a body pillow
  • Set the intention that you won’t sleep on your stomach before falling asleep

However, a much simpler solution might be at your fingertips. After sleeping on the Panda Classic for around 30 days, I’ve essentially stopped sleeping on my stomach.

I’m not sure exactly which factor has led to this change. It could be the Panda Classic’s softness or motion-isolating properties.

It’s a fact, however, that the Panda Classic simply makes it more comfortable to sleep on my side. My old mattress was firm and relatively thin, which I thought was good for me.

These characteristics, however, incentivized me to sleep on my stomach. Since I’m supremely comfortable on my side while sleeping on the Panda Classic, my body just tends to stay in that position while I sleep.

Light sleepers

I used to be a relatively light sleeper. Then, I started sleeping on the Panda Classic.

These days, I sleep through the night even when my wife and kids stir right beside me. I credit the Panda Classic with my increased sleep quality, and I’d recommend this mattress to any light sleeper.

What is a light sleeper?

A light sleeper is someone who wakes up easily. If the slightest noise, change in lighting, or jostling wakes you up during the night, it’s likely that you’re a light sleeper.

What causes you to be a light sleeper?

Experts aren’t sure what causes people to become light sleepers. It’s likely that that light sleeping might be caused by:

  • Sleep disorders like insomnia
  • Ingesting too much caffeine
  • Psychological conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD

In some cases, sleeping too lightly might also be caused by your mattress.

Is it okay to be a light sleeper?

Sleeping too lightly usually leads to your sleep being disturbed. To fully refresh itself, your body needs to enter a state of deep, uninterrupted sleep every night.

Light sleepers might be more likely to become fatigued, irritable, or anxious. If sleeping too lightly is not resolved, a light sleeper might start exhibiting signs of sleep deprivation.

How do I stop being a light sleeper?

Reducing your caffeine intake, avoiding electronic devices before bed, and resolving underlying psychological issues can help you sleep more deeply. You may also want to alter your sleeping environment to make it quieter or darker throughout the night.

In my experience, however, switching to a new mattress is one of the best ways to sleep deeper. Before sleeping on the Panda Classic Mattress, I was awakened multiple times throughout the night, and I sometimes had trouble falling asleep.

The Panda Classic hasn’t entirely resolved my light sleeping. My new Panda mattress has, however, increased the number of nights during which I sleep deeply, and I’ve noticed a significant increase in the threshold required to wake me up both during the night and in the morning.

People with muscle pain, joint pain, or fatigue

In the modern world, it’s natural to suffer from a general form of bodily malaise. Most of us don’t get enough exercise, we have bad posture, and we suffer from inflammation and stress.

While my aches and pains weren’t that severe to begin with, I’ve noticed a significant overall uptick in my bodily well-being since switching to the Panda Classic. Here’s why I’d recommend this mattress to anyone suffering from chronic pain or fatigue:

What is the best mattress for pain?

Sleep experts generally concur that memory foam mattresses are best for chronic pain. Mattresses like the Panda Classic cradle your hips, back, neck, and other common areas where people experience pain. 

Is a firm mattress better for back pain?

For years, the conventional wisdom was that firm mattresses helped relieve back pain. According to Harvard Medical School, however, people who sleep on firm mattresses have the worst sleep quality.

It’s unclear whether the firmness of a mattress has any impact on back pain. It’s obvious, however, that you must enjoy high-quality sleep to give your body the resources it needs to fight oxidative stress, inflammation, and other factors that contribute to back pain.

Can a bad mattress cause tiredness?

Sleeping on an old, firm, or otherwise inadequate mattress can increase fatigue and pain. If you’re waking up feeling tired, consider switching to a better mattress.

What type of mattress is best for arthritis sufferers?

Memory foam mattresses provide the best relief for people who suffer from arthritis. The motion-isolating and pressure-relieving characteristics of memory foam remove stress from affected joints and keep them from moving during the night, supporting healing and recovery.

Why you should choose the Panda Classic

The Panda Classic Mattress has resolved the three major complaints I previously had with my sleeping habits:

  • I no longer sleep on my stomach by default
  • I sleep much more deeply
  • I don’t wake up feeling tired or achey

Even if you only fit into one of the categories I’ve listed, the Panda Classic will improve your sleep and help you feel better throughout the day. If you sleep on your stomach, sleep lightly, and suffer from pain or fatigue, however, the Panda Classic will inspire incredible changes in your sleeping habits that will make you feel more rested than you’ve felt in years.