17 Creative Ways to Use the Panda Wedge Pillow

What in the world can you do with a wedge pillow? People with chronic conditions can use wedge pillows to get better, but there’s a lot more to the Panda Wedge than that.

In the process of reviewing the Panda Wedge Pillow at home, I discovered so many different things you can do with it that I decided to put together a list. Discover the top 17 most creative ways you can use the Wedge in bed, on the couch, on the floor, against the wall, and on the go.

Why the Panda Wedge Pillow?

The Panda Wedge Pillow combines two layers of CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam inside an OEKO-TEX® certified outer cover. The Wedge’s top layer is adaptive memory foam, and the bottom layer is supportive polyurethane foam.

Equipped with a fully removable zippered cover, the Panda Wedge is easy to keep clean. This versatile product has dozens of different potential uses.

In bed

As I reviewed the Panda Wedge Pillow, I first tried it out in my bedroom. While I don’t think I’m the target market for using the Wedge in bed, I could immediately tell that this product might be extremely useful for people with medical conditions.

1. Sleep on your Panda Classic with your upper body lifted up

First, I tried sleeping on my Wedge placed on top of my Panda Classic mattress. I really enjoyed the novelty of being so high up while laying down.

I was comfortable, and I appreciated how well-padded the Panda Wedge felt. Consisting mostly of semi-firm polyurethane foam, the Panda Wedge isn’t supposed to be a replacement for a normal pillow.

Even so, I was comfortable on the Wedge alone, and I also enjoyed supplementing with my Panda Lavender Pillow, which is relatively thin. I dozed off on a combination of these two pillows, but awoke and removed the Wedge before I fell fully asleep.

2. Raise your upper body while you read in bed, put the Wedge Pillow on the ground when you go to sleep

The next night, I laid on my Wedge while I was winding down in bed, but removed it before the moment of shuteye. I personally prefer to ask Siri to do my reading for me, but I laid on the Wedge with my eyes closed while I listened to books read aloud through my AirPods.

This is probably the best in-bed application of the Wedge for someone like me. I enjoy the feeling of being elevated, but I personally prefer to be fully horizontal when it comes time for deep sleep.

3. Elevate your feet or legs if you’re injured or sore

In some cases, elevating your feet or legs might reduce inflammation or swelling. As I played around with the Wedge pillow, I imagined it being very useful for keeping the entire lower body elevated in the event of a befitting medical necessity.

4. Place the Wedge next to your bed as a ramp for your toddler

We all sleep in the same room. My toddler still likes to sleep next to his mama, but our bed is higher off the ground.

We’ve used the wedge as a ramp he can climb up to get to us more easily. Most of the time, however, he just picks it up and throws it around instead of going down for a nap.

5. Use the Wedge as a barrier on the edge of your bed that keeps your toddler from falling off while co-sleeping

We haven’t tried this, but I imagine putting the Wedge at the edge of your bed could deter bruises on rolling, co-sleeping toddlers. Your bed would probably need to be at least king-sized for everyone to be comfortable.

On the couch

I enjoy using the Wedge on the couch the best. It makes my couch a lot more comfortable, and my back feels better the next day.

6. Lift your upper body up as you lay lengthwise on your couch

Stick the Wedge on your couch with the high end against the armrest. Lay down, and let us know how it feels. I found the sensation to be blissful.

7. Raise yourself to the perfect angle for reading or scrolling on your phone without throw pillows

Normally when I lay on my couch, I have trouble figuring out what to do with my elbows while I have something in my hands. The Wedge raises me to an optimal height for reading or scrolling.

8. Place a throw pillow on top of your Wedge for enhanced comfort

I’ve tried laying on my couch with only the Wedge under my head. In the end, however, I prefer placing a throw pillow on top of the Wedge for extra comfort.

9. Make it easier for little ones to get on the couch with you by placing the Wedge on the floor

If your baby or toddler has a hard time getting up to you on the couch, you could place the Wedge on the floor next to your couch as a ramp.

10. Transform your couch into a comfortable nap station at any time of the day or night

I found the Wedge to make laying on my couch exponentially more comfortable. Since my upper body is angled up and away from the couch, I even have more legroom.

On the floor & against the wall

Your floors will never be the same again with the Panda Wedge Pillow deployed in your home.

11. Lay the Wedge on the floor of your home office

Hogging the Wedge in my home office, I found my carpet a surprisingly comfortable place to lay down for five-minute rests throughout the day.

12. Place the Wedge on top of your Panda Foldable Bed

The Panda Wedge is a true killer when combined with the Panda Foldable Bed. Taking up the top third of the Foldable Bed, the Wedge elevates you off the floor into a comfortable relaxing position.

13. Make any wall a cozy reading nook

With the short end on the floor and the long end against the wall, the Wedge can make any wall in your house an ideal place to rest your back.

14. Try some new yoga poses or stretches

Placed against a wall, the Wedge can help you finally nail that new yoga pose you’ve been trying.

On the go

Never leave home without your Panda Wedge.

15. Make your stationary car a comfortable place to sleep

The next time I go on a car trip, I’m bringing my Wedge along with me to make the back of my hatchback more comfortable.

16. Rest your back and prop yourself up in a camper or tent

I also intend to bring my Wedge into my 15-person tent as a place to sit and recline with my family.

17. Bring your wedge on a car trip

I think the wedge is a perfect, lightweight addition to any car trip. Go show the people you’re visiting just how comfortable the Wedge can be.

Panda Wedge Pillow review score

I’ve never met a pillow more versatile. For sleeping, however, the Wedge might not be that comfortable on its own.

The Wedge is on the large side, slightly reducing its portability. Its materials are top-notch, and the removable cover is easy to wash.

Taking every factor into account, I award the Panda Wedge Pillow an overall score of 4.88 out of 5.

Versatility: 5/5

Comfort: 4.6/5

Usefulness: 4.8/5

Quality: 5/5

Washability: 5/5

Overall score: 4.88/5