10 Reasons to Buy the Panda Classic Queen Memory Foam Mattress

Buying a new mattress can seem like a big decision. When you take into account all the ways your current mattress is failing you, however, the need for a new sleep solution becomes near.

Did you know that your existing mattress might be:

  • Making it hard to fall asleep?
  • Preventing you from sleeping deeply?
  • Contributing to chronic pain?
  • Making arthritis worse?
  • Contributing to stress?

Combined with the fact that some modern memory foam mattresses are affordable, regulate body temperature, are easy to set up, and come with comprehensive guarantees, deciding to buy a new mattress becomes the obvious choice. Learn the top 10 reasons you should upgrade to the Panda Classic Queen Mattress today.

1. Is your mattress old?

The sleep experts at Sleep Foundation suggest that mattresses only last 5-8 years. Under ideal conditions, high-quality mattresses made with memory foam might last considerably longer.

Spring mattress and low-quality memory foam mattresses, however, wear out their welcome within six years or less. If you continue sleeping on an old mattress, you’ll have trouble sleeping, and you’ll develop chronic pain and fatigue.

Do you know when you bought your current mattress? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time for a new one.

Has your mattress passed its expiration date, but you’re sleeping on it anyway? That’s probably why you aren’t sleeping through the night and waking up achy.

The only way to resolve this situation is to buy a new mattress. Using toppers or flipping your mattress won’t help. These stop-gap measures might even make you sleep worse.

2. Are you a light sleeper?

Some people are light sleepers because they use too much caffeine. Others have trouble sleeping deeply due to sleep disorders or psychological issues.

However, some of us are light sleepers simply because our mattresses aren’t up to the task. Upgrading your mattress can help you sleep longer and more deeply without being woken up during the night.

The Panda Classic is made of multiple layers of high-quality memory foam. As a result, it’s temperature-regulating and motion-isolating.

Keeping your body cool and preventing unnecessary movement throughout the night can help you sleep more deeply. Plus, the Panda Classic is undeniably soft and comfortable, making you feel relaxed and calm.

3. Do you have trouble falling asleep?

Finding yourself tossing and turning every once in a while isn’t that unusual. Almost all of us occasionally suffer from insomnia, and there’s usually a good reason for this loss of sleep.

If you’re tossing and turning every night, however, your mattress might be to blame. Instead of maxing out your melatonin intake or meditating for an hour before bed every night, consider replacing your mattress.

Sleeping on an old mattress is uncomfortable, making it a struggle to fall asleep. Even if your mattress hasn’t reached its expiration date, it might be made of low-quality materials.

It’s soothing and relaxing to sink into a high-quality mattress like the Panda Classic every night. Upgrading your mattress might help you fall asleep faster and enjoy deep sleep all through the night.

4. Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Back pain and neck pain are common symptoms of modern lifestyles. Everyone from hard laborers to office workers experiences some degree of lingering pain when the day is done, and chronic pain progresses as we age.

The Sleep Foundation suggests that memory foam mattresses are best for chronic pain. Memory foam mattresses vary considerably, however, in terms of quality.

A basic memory foam mattress might consist of a single chunk of foam. The Panda Classic, however, contains three separate layers of high-quality memory foam:

  • As the topmost layer, the Panda Classic’s Cool & Flex memory foam provides elastic, breathable support to your entire body
  • The middle layer of the Panda Classic is composed of Air-Cell memory foam, which regulates your body temperature.
  • The base layer of the Panda Classic consists of high-density polyurethane, which provides full-body support.

Combined, these three foam layers provide your body with the softness and support it needs to overcome chronic pain. Try upgrading your mattress before you spend thousands of dollars on a chiropractor.

5. Do you have arthritis?

Arthritic joints heal best when they’re kept practically motionless. It’s impossible, however, to completely freeze your body while you sleep.

The Panda Classic offers the next best thing by isolating the motion of your joints and relieving pressure from your entire body. Whether you’re suffering from arthritis in a particular area or throughout your entire body, upgrading your mattress might reduce your symptoms and help your joints heal.

6. Are you stressed out?

Sleeping on an old or low-quality mattress negatively impacts your sleep quality. The worse you sleep, the higher your stress levels rise.

If you’re experiencing stress for legitimate, real-world reasons, a new mattress won’t magically set your life in order. Upgrading your sleeping environment will, however, prune away unnecessary stress and help you face the pressing challenges in your life with a fresh attitude.

7. Do you want a mattress that regulates body temperature?

It’s normal to get too hot while you sleep. Temperature dysregulation during sleep is always uncomfortable, and getting too hot while sleeping can also cause night sweats.

Whether you know it or not, your body is having a hard time regulating its temperature while you sleep. That is, of course, unless you’re already sleeping on a temperature-regulating mattress.

The Panda Classic features multiple layers of breathable memory foam that pull heat away from your body while you sleep. Even if you don’t think you have any temperature regulation issues, this feature will help you sleep more soundly.

Don’t be afraid to pile on the blankets. With a mattress that regulates body temperature, you’ll sleep through the night without sweating or becoming uncomfortable because you’re too hot.

8. Do you want an affordable mattress upgrade?

Memory foam has become significantly less expensive over the last few years. At the same time, memory foam technologies have become considerably more advanced.

As a result, it’s possible to buy a memory foam mattress today for half the price you would have paid five years ago for a lower-quality model. It’s no longer necessary to shell out $1,000 or more to purchase a high-quality memory foam mattress.

The Panda Classic retails for $649, and it’s often offered at a discount. That’s a low price to pay for reducing stress, minimizing pain, and optimizing your overall sleep quality.

9. Do you want a new mattress that’s easy to set up?

It can take two or three people to lug a conventional spring mattress into your bedroom. The Panda Classic, however, comes compressed in a small box that’s easy for one strong person to carry.

Simply carry the box into your bedroom, unroll the Panda Classic onto your bed frame, and break the seal. Over the next 12-24 hours, your new mattress will expand into its final form with no need for awkward lugging and dragging.

10. Are you looking for a mattress with an excellent guarantee?

It’s natural to be skeptical of a mattress you’re buying on the internet. If you decide you don’t like your Panda Classic, you won’t be stuck with it.

Your new mattress comes with a 100-night guarantee. You have over three months to decide if your Panda Classic is the perfect companion on your nightly voyage to dreamland. If you change your mind, we’ll take it back—no questions asked.