10 Reasons Heavy People Will Love the Panda Mattress

People on the heavier side are used to sleeping bad and waking up sore. New mattress technologies, though, have made sleeping more comfortable regardless of your weight, and the Panda Classic features the most advanced memory foam ever developed.

Looking for a mattress that’s a better fit for your body? Here are 10 reasons every inch of you will love the Panda Classic.

1. It offers your joints comforting relief

Sleep quality is subjective, but most heavy sleepers report that pain and discomfort are the worst downsides of their existing mattresses. During sleep, your body should be able to rest, relax, and recover, but it can only do so if the mattress you sleep on is up to the task.

Memory foam is already the best mattress material for joint pressure relief, and the Panda Classic takes memory foam to an entirely new level. Featuring three layers of premium foam, the Panda Classic gently cradles the fullness of your body while simultaneously offering optimal airflow.

2. It comfortably supports your full body weight

Many heavier sleepers report that mattresses are too squishy or seem to give under their weight. Innerspring mattresses are notorious for this since their springs physically break down over time. Memory foam can also have trouble supporting your weight when it isn’t layered probably.

The Panda Classic may seem soft on the surface, but underneath is the firmest, densest non-memory foam ever devised. Even as your body effortlessly sinks through the upper layers of the Panda Mattress, it will be met by firm opposition deep down that helps you swim, not sink, into a sea of dreams every night.

3. It features an extra comfort layer

Support is necessary to keep your body healthy while you sleep, but comfort during sleep is equally important for your psychological well-being. To properly refresh you every night, your mattress must be perfectly comfortable, which is why the Panda Classic features an extra Cool & Flex memory foam layer on top.

This innovative form of foam is the squishiest of its class, but it features the same grid-like openings that make the other layers of the Panda Classic just as breathable. If you’ve ever slept on a memory foam mattress without Cool & Flex, you’ll feel the difference immediately.

4. Its core is firm and strong

We’ll be honest: Lots of memory foam mattresses are pretty wimpy. It’s the most affordable class of mattress materials, and lots of manufacturers cut corners to make mattresses that look good but perform awfully.

The Panda Classic, though, features solid engineering through and through. Our mattress doesn’t just feel comfortable at first; its firm base delivers lasting support that’s more than strong enough to handle whatever you might weigh.

5. It offers excellent heat transfer

The larger your body is, the more heat it produces. It’s no surprise, therefore, that heavier people have a harder time with night sweats and other sleep-related temperature difficulties than the general population. They need mattresses that offer exemplary heat regulation abilities.

There are two ways the Panda Classic is different in that regard. First, both of its comfort layers are porous, offering unprecedented airflow. Also, its dual-layer comfort system helps heat flow away from your body and into the Panda Classic’s base layer more easily.

6. Edge support is excellent

The heavier you are, the more the edges of your mattress bend under your weight. Lack of proper edge support is a common mattress complaint in general, and it’s an even more pressing concern for heavier sleepers.

We engineered the Panda Classic to offer more support around its edges than any other area of the mattress. When you press down on the sides of your Panda, you’ll meet firm resistance, and that same powerful edge support will keep you comfortably in your bed no matter how much you toss and turn.

7. It’s surprisingly easy to move around in

Memory foam mattresses have a tendency to suck you in, and this becomes more of an issue the heavier you are. With its firm support layer, though, the Panda Classic makes it easy to move around on top of its cushy comfort layers.

You won’t find it any harder to get out of your Panda Classic than it is with any other mattress. On the contrary, it might feel easier to move around given the Classic’s excellent edge support and powerful core firmness.

8. It comes in a box that’s easy to move

Memory foam mattresses are generally easy to unbox and set up, and we’ve made it even easier with the Panda Classic. There won’t be any huffing and puffing as you get your medium-large box to your bedroom, and then it’s just a matter of breaking the airtight seal and waiting.

As with all memory foam mattresses, we recommend that you wait a full 24 hours after decompression before sleeping on your new Panda Classic for the first time. Truly savor the discomfort of one last night on your old mattress, and then experience the relief from heaviness the Panda Classic delivers.

9. It comes with a 100-night trial

For whatever reason, things don’t always go the way you plan. The Panda Classic won’t become just another burden you have to deal with, though: If you don’t like it, we’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

We just request that you make your return request within the first 100 nights of sleeping on your mattress. Feel free to take it out and enjoy it any way you like: Your used mattress will go on to a good home through a third-party reseller. Simply make the call, and we’ll issue the refund immediately and schedule a good pickup time.

10. There’s a 12-year warranty

There’s no reason you shouldn’t still love your Panda Classic even after the 100th night, but things can still go wrong. We’re so confident in the Classic’s engineering and durability that we’ve slapped it with a 12-year warranty. Compare that to the 10-year warranty that has been standard on new mattresses for decades.

The foam in your new mattress will be covered against defects and unusual circumstances for a full dozen years. If you think your heavy body can defeat the pride of our mattress lineup in such a short span, we’d love nothing better than for you to put us to the test.